VIDEO REVIEW: Godox AD400 Pro strobe light by Jamil Matheny

PHOTOGRAPHERS! At last! Here is my full review of the GODOX AD400 Pro strobe light. If you're interested in getting one for yourself, be sure to check out my video review. Have a great weekend! It’s a super long video so sit back and enjoy! PEACE!

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Here is my Godox AD400 Pro Video Review. Head over to as it is a great light all types of users. #godox #ad400 #ad400pro #godoxphotolighting #lightingequipment #strobelights #godoxstrobes #photolights #portraits #jamilimages

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New Youtube Introduction Video! by Jamil Matheny

It’s finally here! My first Youtube video for Jamil Images! I have spent a few minutes talking about upcoming episodes such as the Godox AD400 Pro Video Review coming soon to RVA Fashion Week in Richmond, VA. I will be providing more content about photography, life coaching tips, video reviews, interviews and more! Stay tuned! Until then… check out my Youtube video here. PEACE!