Site Updates

Site Update: Upcoming concerts, events, special offers, & more! by Jamil Matheny

First off, I must say, “Happy New Year!” since I have written a blog in a while [I’ll try to keep up with this]. However, I have been in the background working on some site updates and future collaborations. With these future developing updates to the website, it will deliver a more secure payment method in the checkout in the booking or gallery sections. Also, I have a major concert to attend and upcoming collaborations.

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New website design by Jamil Matheny

I have finally made a new site design. This will allow for easier side-wide navigation and it allows me to showcase my work for everyone. If you haven’t checked out the gallery, please do so. Also, I will keep you up to date on upcoming events that I attend, camera reviews, and future updates here. Until then, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for choosing Jamil Images.