11th Annual RVA Fashion Week April 22-28 / by Channel Winston

As a first time blogger for RVA Fashion Week, it was mind blowing experience and acclaimed tendency. My vitality for style constantly seems to reflect my lifestyle whether I am hanging with family and partners or walking the runway for an event. The city of Richmond is a plan capital stacked up with imaginative individuals and RVA Fashion Week is a noteworthy trial in Richmond, Virginia.

RVA Fashion Week is one of the including district's top style weeks that shows configuration models, talented makers, beautifying agents expert, videographers, picture takers, and beauticians in Richmond, Virginia. Reliably, RVA Fashion Week has cooperated with neighborhood associations and makers to demonstrate Richmond's style, creativity, street culture, and articulations by judiciousness of plan. RVA Fashion Week lauded its eleventh Annual Spring Fashion Week on April 22 through April 28, 2019. The Board of Directors of RVA Fashion Week are Jimmy Buddy; Executive Producer; Marion Batts; Creative Director; Michael Hostetler; Director of Media; Soliel Paden; Model Coach and Coordinator; and Ryan Azia; Brand Strategist.


RVA Fashion Week begin the occasions as the accompanying calendar:

4/22 Fashion Funhouse Networking Social Invite Only Event

4/23 Model Behavior Q & A Panel Discussion For Aspiring Models

4/24 Designer Download Panel Discussion for Aspiring Designers

4/26 RVA Fashion Week Day to Night Runway Show

4/27 Fashion Freedom Day Party & Runway Presentation

4/ 28 DapperLuq Presents An Evening at Black Iris

RVA Fashion Week keeps on giving style patterns of varying backgrounds by exhibiting the adoration for imaginative spirits. RVA Fashion Week is currently administered by a Board of Directors and streamlined into advisory groups to deal with the staggering development that keeps on rising quite a long time after year. This sensational creation is 100 percent volunteer-based, from the highest point of the hierarchy of leadership to the occasion day volunteers.


Again thank you to every one of the directors of RVA Fashion Week for another extraordinary creation for Spring 2019. Additionally, thank you to picture takers Jamil Images and Raleigh Marketing for catching extraordinary pictures for RVA Fashion Week Events.