Sony Developing Full-Frame Camera with 6K Video and 100 MP for Consumers / by Jamil Matheny

According to the forums site EOSHD, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation is developing a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor camera with 100 megapixels and 6K Video for consumers.


The technical details on forums site show that the code-name is IMX555CQR. According to the technical info, the full-frame CMOS sensor will be at 12288x8192 in resolution or 12K video with a 16-bit high-speed readout on stills. The sensor can pull off the 6K video in 12-bit pixel binning.


“This sensor is designed for use in consumer use digital still camera,” the document states. “When using this for another application, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation does not guarantee the quality and reliability of this product. Therefore, don’t use this for applications other than consumer use digital still camera.”


Sony has already produced a 100-megapixel camera on the market with a 35mm full-frame sensor (36-24mm). However, this camera would be comparable to the Phase One XF 100MP as it uses Sony’s medium format sensors. More on the details as it comes in from Sony.