Site Update: Upcoming concerts, events, special offers, & more! / by Jamil Matheny

First off, I must say, “Happy New Year!” since I have written a blog in a while [I’ll try to keep up with this]. However, I have been in the background working on some site updates and future collaborations. With these future developing updates to the website, it will deliver a more secure payment method in the checkout in the booking or gallery sections. Also, I have a major concert to attend and upcoming collaborations.

One of my announcements is that I will be starting a YouTube channel to deliver video content for tutorials, tips, and special event coverage.

Another announcement is that the mailing list is now activated. Any offers, exclusive promo codes, latest blog posts will be posted for every subscriber.

I plan on making 2019 to be an amazing & exciting year for Jamil Images. Be sure to check back for future updates!