Site Update: Upcoming concerts, events, special offers, & more! by Jamil Matheny

First off, I must say, “Happy New Year!” since I have written a blog in a while [I’ll try to keep up with this]. However, I have been in the background working on some site updates and future collaborations. With these future developing updates to the website, it will deliver a more secure payment method in the checkout in the booking or gallery sections. Also, I have a major concert to attend and upcoming collaborations.

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Pro Tips: Male Model Posing Tips in a Photo Shoot by Jamil Matheny

What’s happening, Captain? I’d like to provide you with some helpful posing tips during your next photo shoot. Becoming a model does take hard work and dedication just like anything else. For male models, it becomes more difficult to break into the industry. According to Forbes, the world’s highest paid top male model is Sean O’Pry with a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. In comparison to Kendall Jenner, who is making a net worth of $22 million, that’s a huge gap in the market for potential male models to achieve even greater. With that said, here are a few tips that will help improve your photo shoot look.

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Pro Tips: Female Model Posing Tips in a Photo Shoot by Jamil Matheny

Hey! You… the model! Yes, you! I’d like to provide you with some posing tips. Now you already know as a model comes with hard work and dedication just like anything else. Some people may say that its easy to be a model because all you do is stand there and ‘look pretty’. Well, that’s a myth and its just flat-out wrong! So whether you’re just starting out, you’re an amateur or a professional model; here are some tips that you will help during your next photo shoot.

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Pro Tips: Getting acquainted with your new DSLR by Jamil Matheny

Whether you received a new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflector) camera from a store purchase or as a gift, owning a new camera is like getting candy from the store as a kid. Yes, I remember when I got my first camera, of course, it was back in the film days (yes, there are people who still use them). Since then, DSLR cameras have evolved and have become popular to hobbyist, enthusiasts and professionals alike. With that said, here are some pro tips to getting acquainted with your new toy.

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New website design by Jamil Matheny

I have finally made a new site design. This will allow for easier side-wide navigation and it allows me to showcase my work for everyone. If you haven’t checked out the gallery, please do so. Also, I will keep you up to date on upcoming events that I attend, camera reviews, and future updates here. Until then, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for choosing Jamil Images.