The Pentagon wants to catch nearby drones with a ‘Drone Hunter’ system

AI-enabled drone hunter

Trueview is an AI-enabled system that allows a drone to catch another drone with a net. Once an unauthorized drone has been fully detected near government property, the fully-automated ‘interceptor drone’ will catch the rogue drone with a net.

Here’s a demonstration video we found via Youtube.

The U.S. Department of Defense has spent millions of dollars to deploy this technology near its government facilities in case of foreign drone threats or other unauthorized drones are flying around nearby. The technology is made by Fortem Technologies, which implemented the AI-enabled system into the drone to fly around and catch the rogue drones.

“It’s very easy to program a drone to fly completely autonomously. It can be done with a commercial, off-the-shelf drone,” Fortem’s CTO and co-founder Adam Robertson. 

As drones become more prevalent in today’s consumer market, we expect to see an increase in the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) regulation. This will also include parcel services as well for dropping off packages via drone.

Source: Defense One